UK Commercial Credit/Hire Application

Please fill out the following form online or you can print it and either fax or email it back to us.

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Equipment/Lease/HP Terms


Lessee/Hire Information


Directors / Shareholders / Members / Partners / Sole Traders Information


    All the directors and shareholders holding 25% or more of the issued share capital should each complete an Information Form.


    All Designated Members, members who exercise control over the management of the LLP and members who own or control more than 25% of its capital or profit should each complete an Information Form.


    All Partners who exercise control over the management of the partnership and partners who own or control more than 25% of its capital or profit should each complete an Information Form.


    All sole traders should complete an Information Form.


Declaration and Concents

    1. 1. I/we the undersigned confirm(s) that the information provided in respect of this application is TRUE and COMPLETE and that I/we shall notify D&D Leasing UK Ltd (“D&D”) immediately in writing if any of the information changes or if it comes to my/our attention that the information is untrue or incorrect.
    2. 2. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, D&D requires your consent in relation to the collection, use, transfer and storage of your personal information. You hereby expressly grant your consent to and authorise D&D from the date of your signature until the expiry of two years after the term of any agreement entered into, as follows:
      • 2.1 to contact you directly and use
        (i) the information provided herein;
        (ii) information that D&D have received following enquiries made about you; and
        (iii) information that D&D obtain from your performance of any other agreement that you have with D&D or any of its subsidiaries or associated companies or its holding company (D&D’s “Group”) in order to confirm your identity, evaluate your credit worthiness in relation to the hire/credit contract being entered into and make searches against your home address(es) and as otherwise set out herein;
      • 2.2 to D&D employing any member of its Group and any third parties acting on its behalf to obtain a credit bureau report or other credit information from any credit reporting agency, credit bureau or credit grantor, and holding, using, exchanging and disclosing such information for the purposes identified above. This may include, without limitation, searching Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Limited and/or Equifax Europe (UK) Limited and other credit reference agencies who will keep a record of D&D’s search. Such information may be shared with other lenders and businesses for the purpose of assessing credit and financial services applications made by you and members of your household and also for statistical analysis, credit assessment, debtor tracing and fraud prevention. D&D may also use a credit scoring system;
      • 2.3 to collect, hold, use, exchange and disclose your personal information as required, in order to administer your contract with D&D, determining your insurance eligibility and securing the asset being financed or as required or permitted by D&D, including without limitation, disclosure of information about you, the agreement and the conduct of your account (including your payment record) to
        (i) Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Limited and/or Equifax (UK) Limited and other credit reference agencies;
        (ii) tracing/debt collection agencies;
        (iii) D&D’s Group;
        (iv) the supplier or manufacturer of the Goods; and (v) its initiating broker of record. This personal information will be processed by D&D;
      • 2.4 to using your personal information for internal statistical analysis purposes and you note that the information which you have provided and which is obtained for the purposes of evaluating your credit worthiness may be held on a computer and a manual filing system at 101 Wigmore Street, London,W1U 1QU from time to time;
      • 2.5 to transmit your personal data outside the European Economic Area.
    3. 3. The information that D&D holds about you may also be used by D&D and/or its Group for the purposes of advising you about its services and products. You may choose not to be contacted for these purposes. If you do not wish to receive such information or if you do not wish your details to be passed to third parties for marketing purposes, please write to D&D at the address set out above.
    4. 4. If you wish to obtain a copy of the data processed, a description of the purposes for which it is being processed, description of any potential recipients of the data or any information as to the source of the data please contact D&D. Please Note that D&D is entitled to charge a statutory fee for the provision of this information.
    5. 5. You are required to pay a document fee and deposit at the date of signature of the agreement by you. Such deposit is to establish your commitment to entering into the agreement with D&D.
    6. 6. You acknowledge that D&D will incur various costs, including without limitation administration and credit agency fees, upon signature of the agreement by you and prior to the date of execution of the agreement by us.
    7. 7. In the event that you withdraw from the agreement prior to execution of the same by us, D&D shall have the right to retain any sums paid by you in relation to the document fee save that this paragraph 7 shall not apply to any sums paid pursuant to agreements regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
    8. 8. By signing this application you agree to D&D, at its option, contacting you by email and transmitting documents to you electronically to your email address set out below. You further agree that any document transmitted to you electronically shall be in such form capable of being stored for future reference, for an appropriate period and in a way which allows the information to be reproduced without change. Any document transmitted electronically shall be treated as having been delivered on the working day immediately following the day on which it is transmitted.
    1. 9. D&D are committed to providing a good service to its customers and seek to ensure fair and equitable resolution of any complaints received in accordance with the rules of the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”). Please contact D&D or its broker, who shall be the first contact for any complaints you may have, if you require a copy of its complaints handling procedure.
    2. 10. Money laundering: Under legislation to prevent money laundering, fraud and terrorism and to guard against identity theft, D&D are obliged to prove your identity. D&D may do this by seeking documents from you, or it may make checks through electronic systems such as the Credit Reference Agencies. In the event that any information you provide is false or deliberately misleading this will invalidate your contract with D&D and you may be prosecuted.